This Olive Oil is a tribute to Rodrigo;
father of my three kids who during his life transmitted us
the love of our land, origin of all our foods.

The Olive tree is a source of inspiration.

Noble tree of humanity is present in the biblical tradition and
the Olympic spirit.

Let us taste together Don Rodrigo ´s Olive Oil, a result of the love and
respect for the land of three generations.

The extensive live long programme took place in NY City and was organized by the Olive Oil Times and the International Culinary Center. Participants and Companies came from 11 different countries tasting 146 Olive Oils from different regions. 

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We organize interesting Olive Oil tasting. A gathering that introduces basic knowledge about this millenary tree, followed by the taste of the best Olive Oils from all around the world. Among other things you will learn to distinguish the best positive attributes in high quality extra virgin olive oils from defects present in other oils.

Special promotional programme thought for people who work in a company or gather a lot of people. Centralize the order, send us the form and payment and we send you the oil. You will be rewarded with free Olive Oil bottles. More bottles, more benefits